Covid-19 : Are You Still on Track to Retire? 

If you were planning on retiring sometime in the next few years or if you're already retired, the recent market downturn may have you wondering if you need to make some changes. Our free check-up includes an analysis of your most recent tax return, a review of your portfolio and a 30-minute consultation with a Certified Financial Planner™.  To get started, schedule a 15 minute introductory call with our team

What the Retirement Checkup Includes

Retirement Tax Tips

Gain a better understanding of how taxes work in retirement and learn about steps you might take to lower taxes both now and when you're retired. 

Portfolio Review

Understand how you're invested and confirm you aren't taking more risk than necessary or paying more than you should. 

Talk with a CFP® who has helped hundreds of clients plan navigate bear markets as they plan for and enjoy retirement.

30 Minute Call with a CFP®

We're doing this because in over 30 years of providing financial advice, we've found the need for a plan and informed, objective advice is particularly valued at times like these. 

Why are you providing this service?

Sure. We've written a good bit about financial planning and investments at our blog, and you can also find out more about who we are and what we do by visiting our website

I'm Not Quite Ready to Schedule a Call. Is There Something Else I Can Do?

We're fee-only financial advisors, so we don't sell any products and we don't accept any referral fees. We provide ongoing advice and guidance, and if, after the call you think you might like to become a client, we're happy to talk with you about that process. But if not, that's fine as well - we're happy to be able to provide help in these challenging times.

Are You Selling Something?

Frequently Asked Questions

Make Sure Your Retirement Plan Is Still On Track

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